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PACODEP and Global Rescue Project

PACODEP and Global Rescue Project have been in partnership for nearly 8 years now. During that time GRPs team have taken yearly trips to the Village of Life and have built strong relations with both the children and staff. Throughout the years they have been immensely helpful for the growth and development of both the facilities and for children’s well-being, through the gifts of clothing and shoes, school supplies, and bedding, as well as through the learning and healing experiences through the many excursions. 

This year in particular the team was able to donate many clothing for all of the children, and through their relationship with Croc shoes, were able to provide over 100 pairs of shoes for the children’s daily use. GRP arrived on the 2nd of June, 2021, from Scottsdale Arizona after a long and grueling journey with plenty of hindrances along the way. Although the team was exhausted from the 4 day trip they still brought their love, passion, and energy to the kids and had an unforgettable time. For the first four days they spent time with the children at the Village of Life. Then both GRP and VOL, taking two large buses, embarked on a three days on excursion to Mole National Park. During that time the children were able to go on two tours through the safari park. They reported seeing elephants, monkeys, various species of deer and birds, and even one siting of a warthog. They also enjoyed the amenities of the resort itself, especially the pool, which preceded to be most of the children’s favorite memory. 

All of the children felt elated and refreshed upon returning from their adventure to Mole. This trip definitely played a large role in the mental healing of survivors of trafficking, forced labor and neglect. Although the memories from the trauma these children endured on the lake will still prevail for years to come, the survivors can now have new memories of joy and excitement to look back on when they reflect upon their childhood. 

Thank you, Madam Leah Stenzel and the rest of the Global Recue Project Team. 


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