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Joy in Ghana

The first two weeks of February 2022, the Village of Life was blessed with a visitor. Originally from Chicago, Joy Arrington recently moved to Rockport, Texas, where she met Abena Kelsey, the Counselor and Development Officer for PACODEP and the Village of Life. It was over conversations of Ghana that the two quickly bonded and in no time at all, Joy decided to travel to Ghana to spend some time investing in the lives of the trafficked survivors there. So just one month later, the two met again in Accra, Ghana and took the long journey to Kete-Krachi.

Joy is an entertainer and an educator and has spent much of her life investing in the lives of woman and children alike. She has traveled all over the world doing just such, from face painting and balloon animals to teaching singing and choreography, Joy is truly gifted in relating to people and specifically with those who have experienced hardship and trauma. Almost immediately after arriving at the aftercare shelter her gifting was evident as she was able to quickly bound with the children and bring smiles to their faces.

Although her time was brief, she still managed to paint faces and make balloon animals for nearly all of the 500 students at the Village of Life Academy during the day and in the evening, spend time with the survived girls who were currently staying at the Aftercare Shelter. Joy taught girls two choreographed songs they were able to perform at the Episcopal Presbyterian Church the following Sunday. The girls truly shined with confidence throughout their performance with the caring guidance of our international visitor.

On her last day in Krachi, PACODEP took the opportunity to take Joy out on Lake Volta so she could see firsthand, the trafficking in children that still takes place. The team and Joy encountered a number of boats harboring young victims of trafficking. On her final evening, which happened to be on Valentine’s Day, Joy took a final visit to the aftercare shelter and shared biscuits to the girls Valentine’s gift and as a thank you for their time together.

PACODEP was delighted to host Joy Arrington and prayerfully look forward to her visiting again. Her visit was more than imagined and proved to be a beneficial edition to the healing of the trafficked survivors.


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