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Tyler Brossart initially became aware of the issue of human trafficking in Ghana in 2016, when George Achibra, Jr. came to his son’s school in the USA for a symposium on human rights. After his presentation George and Tyler had the opportunity to discuss the issues further which served to increase his interest. The following spring Tyler joined a group making a trip to Kete-Krachi (Oti Region, Ghana) to bring supplies to the Village of Life Shelter (temporary home for victims of trafficking) and treat the children to a safari trip to the Mole National Park. During his tours of Village of Life, he became impressed with the care of the children and the entire rescue and rehabilitation process.


Over the years of his continued involvement, he searched for ways to apply his skills and experiences to help end the practice of child trafficking and child labor on Lake Volta.  After his second visit to Ghana in June of 2017, he felt compelled to help with the operations of the shelter by supplying them a Moto-king Tricycle, which has been used every single day for anything from food delivery, sending children to the doctor, farming work, and a multitude of other things. In early 2018,  the need for security increased in Ghana. He was able to support the building of a wall and gates around the shelter compound, to increase security for the survivors residing there. The following year, in July of 2019, he came with his son Andrew to oversee the wall’s completion and continue building upon the growing relationship with PACODEP.

Eventually, he found a charity in the U.S. that had been left idle, called the Ghana American Foundation, and revived it after consultation. The Ghana American Foundation focuses on the older children (who are survivors of trafficking) and creating paths to true freedom for them. Assisting career and education paths allows for the rescued kids to become independent. With the support of the Ghana American Foundation, these children step out on their own, with life skills and jobs. Jobs that allow them to contribute back to PACODEP Village of Life in some way, either economically or with volunteer time. This approach helps survivors become new lights of hope and voices for the cause of ending child trafficking on Lake Volta.

Later in 2019, additional funds were sent to help with the purchasing of ten new bunk beds, completion of the intended  clinic structure, and furnishing the counseling office.


To help alleviate the financial pressures from the price hikes as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the foundation was able to send additional funds for stocking up on food supplies for three months. Then, despite the risks and enduring all the added safety measures, he was then able to take a trip in December of 2020. During this time, George Senior expressed his hopes of starting a soap making business, not only to help generate funds for the shelter, but as a sustainable business for some of the survivors to operate and manage.  Funding these small businesses is the focus of the foundation.

In July of 2021, Tyler came with his brother, Daniel Brossart, a psychologist for the U.S. Army, as well as a professor of psychology and counseling for A&M University. During their stay, Tyler was able to hold meetings with the director and board for PACODEP to discuss potential needs, current developments, and future planning on strengthening the partnership and also check in on the development of the soap making business. Dan was also met  with the aftercare and counseling staff  at the Village of Life and held a training session with them. He also donated several therapy and guidance materials for the counseling office. The two GAF members were also able to visit the various farms PACODEP has located near Kete-Krachi. The farms are used both for profit and for sustainable use of the shelter. The farm consists of maize, cassava, yam, mango, rice, and so many other things, including a bee keeping project.

In the five years, Tyler and the Ghana American Foundation has been involved with PACODEP and the Village of Life, great accomplishments have been obtained and even more are underway. The relationship has strengthened, and the partnership has been transformational for all sides. Tyler’s dreams of making a huge impact in the fight against child trafficking is coming into fruition through his supportive and active efforts.