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Worldreader works globally with partners to support vulnerable and underserved communities with digital reading solutions that help improve learning outcomes, workforce readiness, and advocates for girls in areas where literacy rate is significantly lower than boys.

David Risher the founder of Worldreader was previously an executive at Microsoft Corporation and was Senior Vice President of US Retail for Amazon. They started in Ghana but work all over the world with the purpose of eliminating illiteracy through their Booksmart reading tablets. When Tyler Brossart, founder of the Ghana American Project (GAP) and partner of PACODEP, heard about Worldreader he reached out to see how they could partner in bringing reading materials to the Village of Life Academy. He then made a donation to cover the cost of fifty (50) tablets, preloaded with curriculum for class 1 through JHS 3, as well as relevant storybooks for each grade level.

On Tuesday, the 15th February, 2022, Two trainers from Worldreader came to VOLA to train the teachers and staff not only how to use the devices, but also talked about better teaching practices to advance their students abilities in learning and behavior. The training was very informative and affective.

The tablets will be used throughout the school hours, rotating through each classroom. They will be used not as additive, but rather integrated into their regular learning times. They will also be available for the shelter survivors in the evenings during their learning times.

Reading is an essential aspect of mental development and even healing of all who are willing to try it. With the addition of the Worldreader tablets we will be able to do more to ensure success in education, in social interactions, and in overall mental wellness for the trafficked children and the school students alike.

We are most grateful to the support of GAP and to that of Worldreader as we all work to better the lives of or students and our trafficked survivors.


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