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Empowering Girls to Embrace Their Inner Woman

Saturday, the 19th of February 2022, PACODEP had a very special visit from The Influential Woman Foundation, based in Accra. TIW is a charity organization with the purpose raising a generation of independent and influential women by empowering them through education and awareness to tap into their hidden potential. They also bring education on personal hygiene while providing available resources and sanitary items. Part of their teaching includes debunking myths and taboos about the menstrual cycle while encouraging girls to embrace what makes them fully woman.


All the JHS girls from Village of Life Academy were invited to attend the empowerment session on Saturday morning, along with the female school prefects from each junior high school in Kete-Krachi. After the training these girls will now act as ambassadors of women’s health and hygiene to their various schools. The TIW team took much care and time to ensure the girls truly understood the challenges and beauties of growing into young women and the necessary hygiene measures to be taken to make the most of the difficulties of their menstrual cycle. At the end of the session all the girls received two packs of pads each. 25 boxes were also donated to PACODEP for distribution for the shelter survivors and project communities.

That afternoon, One such community, Bakpakope, also benefitted from the education and donation of TIW. the PACODEP team and TIW alike embarked on a half hour trip across the lake to meet with the community’s school. There the girls also received education, empowerment, and donations of sanitary items.