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PACODEP is excited about another partnership with Free the Slaves that seeks to protect children in the Sene East District of the Bono East Region. PACODEP in collaboration with Free the Slaves (FTS) with funding from Expertise France (EU funding) has in the past six months began the implementation of a project titled “Supporting the Fight Against Human Trafficking in Ghana” in the Sene East District.

The two-year project which commenced in June 2021 seek to enhance Ghana’s efforts in the fight against human trafficking (sex and labour trafficking). As part of project implementation PACODEP held a meeting at the Sene East district to engage both district and community stakeholder in the selection and validation of six (6) communities for program implementation.

In all, 20 participants made up of 17 male and 3 female attended the meeting. The purpose of the validation meeting is to engage stakeholders in selecting the right communities for the implementation of the “supporting the fight against human trafficking in Ghana” in the Bono East Region.

During the meeting, the District Assembly Assistant Coordinating Director on behalf of the District Chief Executive and the District Coordinating Director expressed his excitement for the introduction of such a project in the district. He mentioned that, human trafficking is an international problem affecting millions of people and many countries in the world including Ghana. He stated that internal trafficking of both adults and children especially in rural communities is one of the biggest challenges associated with the fight against human trafficking. He also stated that, though the district is making efforts to end the menace, external support to combat the fight against human trafficking in the district and the country at large is needed. He therefore called on all stakeholders present to participate actively to ensure the right communities are selected, and also to support the PACODEP in the implementation of the project in the selected communities. #PACODEP in the fight against human trafficking#Freetheslaves#Expertise France#European Union#