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It started with a phone call to the Youth Pastor at Hope Church in Rockport Texas, with a request for the youth to do a small fundraiser for the Village of Life shelter survivors. The appeal was for the youth group to gather new and slightly used clothes and new underwear for the survived trafficked victims.

To the joyous surprise of PACODEP, the youth pastor informed the head pastor of the situation and before long, the entire church was involved in the fundraising event. Before long, Kelsey Duvall, the development officer for PACODEP who was in Rockport at the time, received an over abundance of clothing to gift the children with. After sorting and selecting items for each of the PACODEP kids, and packing them into large containers, all donations were successfully carried through transit to the final destination of Kete-Krachi, Ghana and the Village of Life.

Everyone at the shelter has now received new outfits and underwear for the 2021 Christmas celebration, thanks to the generous efforts of the members of Hope Church. PACODEP is incredibly grateful and look forward to the developing relationship between the Faith Based Organization and the workers at the NGO in Ghana.

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