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What it means to sponsor:

As a Village of Life sponsor, above all, you are reminding the child of the truth; that they are valuable and loved. We have watched the sponsorships almost instantaneously transform a child’s demeanor to joy and confidence. To know that someone, possibly even across the world, is making the that child a part of their thoughts, prayers, and giving helps act as a reminder to a once forgotten and trafficked child that they are no longer invisible. It also gives them hope for the future, knowing that someone is now partnering with them in their education, which will now be equipping them to pursue their dreams. The sponsorship also supports the Village of Life in providing feeding and supplying the basic necessities for the trafficked survivors staying at the aftercare home.

How funds are used:

Please understand that your sponsorship funds are not given directly to the child, nor are they reserved for that child only. The sponsorship funds are used to support all the children regardless of whether or not they are having a sponsor. Since, not every child at the Village of Life aftercare home is having a sponsor the funds are used to support all children equally.

You can choose to be responsible for the partial sponsorship of a child for a minimum of $25 or sole sponsorship of a child for a minimum of $100 per child.

Reasons for terminating sponsorship

The child’s safety and wellbeing is our utmost concern, so please do not accept the responsibility of being a sponsor lightly. It is a commitment to your child until they leave the care of the Village of Life and are fully sustainable without our assistance. Many children are only staying at the shelter for a temporary and undetermined amount of time, only when the child is fit to be returned to a loving family home outside the shelter, and once it is established that the family is caring for the child without our continued assistance and monitoring, will the sponsor be asked to stop sending support for that particular child, but offered another sponsorship opportunity. If for some reason the sponsor encounters financial hardship and is unable to continue supporting the child, please inform the sponsorship coordinator in a month’s advance if possible to allow us to find another capable sponsor.