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Good news they say always comes with great joy and indeed this could be said of the PACODEP shelter on the 13th of November 2021. On the 13th of November 2021, the PACODEP Village of Life shelter received hundreds of educational and vocational materials from ’’cross cause charity’’ Ireland. These items included but not limited the following: books (Senior High category to the nursery level), electrical sowing machines, turbo net, chairs and tables, shirts and many more items which would amounts to thousands of several United States Dollars. The team...
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Empowering Girls to Embrace Their Inner Woman

Saturday, the 19th of February 2022, PACODEP had a very special visit from The Influential Woman Foundation, based in Accra. TIW is a charity organization with the purpose raising a generation of independent and influential women by empowering them through education and awareness to tap into their hidden potential. They also bring education on personal hygiene while providing available resources and sanitary items. Part of their teaching includes debunking myths and taboos about the menstrual cycle while encouraging girls to embrace what makes them fully woman.   All the JHS...
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Joy in Ghana

The first two weeks of February 2022, the Village of Life was blessed with a visitor. Originally from Chicago, Joy Arrington recently moved to Rockport, Texas, where she met Abena Kelsey, the Counselor and Development Officer for PACODEP and the Village of Life. It was over conversations of Ghana that the two quickly bonded and in no time at all, Joy decided to travel to Ghana to spend some time investing in the lives of the trafficked survivors there. So just one month later, the two met again in Accra,...
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Worldreader works globally with partners to support vulnerable and underserved communities with digital reading solutions that help improve learning outcomes, workforce readiness, and advocates for girls in areas where literacy rate is significantly lower than boys. David Risher the founder of Worldreader was previously an executive at Microsoft Corporation and was Senior Vice President of US Retail for Amazon. They started in Ghana but work all over the world with the purpose of eliminating illiteracy through their Booksmart reading tablets. When Tyler Brossart, founder of the Ghana American Project (GAP)...
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PACODEP and Global Rescue Project

PACODEP and Global Rescue Project have been in partnership for nearly 8 years now. During that time GRPs team have taken yearly trips to the Village of Life and have built strong relations with both the children and staff. Throughout the years they have been immensely helpful for the growth and development of both the facilities and for children’s well-being, through the gifts of clothing and shoes, school supplies, and bedding, as well as through the learning and healing experiences through the many excursions.  This year in particular the team...
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