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Akpene Aforkpa has been at the Village of Life for almost 9 years now, since she was rescued out of forced labour in 2012. She had been working for her aunt for two years, smoking and selling fish while not attending school. But then was rescued by George Achibra Senior and the police, when they became aware of her situation through a tip off from the community. While at the Village of Life, Akpene was able to complete her schooling through Junior High School. Now at the age of 18, she would like to continue her education through vocational training, at the GH Catering School in Accra. The program will last for two years before she will receive her catering certification as a professional caterer.

Akpene has come from a past that declared no future; but rather to only be making ends meet, continuing the petty work of smoking and selling fish and making a small daily amount. But through your support, through the Sponsorship of Debika and Jeremy Howard, and through the tireless efforts of PACODEP, Akpene is now pursuing a bright and successful future.
If you would like to support Akpene in furthering her education, you can donate here

Each term (3 terms per year) will cost $450 per term, along with the necessary supplies required by the school. Most of the supplies will belong to Akpene after graduating from the program, such as cooking pots, utensils, and an oven, estimated to cost $800. This brings the total cost to $3,600