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PACODEP in partnership with Free the Slaves (FTS) , International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the Department of Social Welfare in Kajaji, and Ghana Police Services in Kwame Danso in the Sene East District embarked on a rescue operation in a community in the Sene district to rescue victims of child trafficking. This followed a series of reconnaissance visits by the team and with support from community child protection committees to gather information on the condition of the suspected children of trafficking. The suspect, a couple had trafficked 15 children from different parts of the country for exploitation on the volta lake for fishing purposes
Following available information, a coordination meeting was held among stakeholders to coordinate the rescue of the children. In a dawn operation, fifteen (15) victims of trafficking comprising of 8 males and 7 females were rescued. The victims ranged in age between 7-22 years.

A female perpetrator was arrested and is currently assisting the police in their investigations. The children are in a safe shelter receiving gender sensitive trauma informed care while efforts are under way to trace their families for reintegration.
In a counseling session with one of the victims, she indicated “I was promised a cow and a sowing machine if I serve her for 4 years”, another victim also stated “I was told I would be enrolled in school but that never happened”.
PACODEP and other partners are continuing with its community engagement to increase awareness and sensitisation activities to prevent child trafficking in the Oti Region and beyond.