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The first VSLA in Amewoyikope which was facilitated by PACODEP with support/funding from FTS under the first phase of the GUF project came to term on the 15th May, 2021.
The PACODEP team joined the group to conduct share out which is the final stage of the VSLA cycle.

Before the share out was done, group members shared a few successes of the group which include; Group members indicated how the group has brought togetherness, love and unity among groups members.
A group member also indicated how he was able to set his wife up in a business with the loan he took from the group.
A woman also indicated she has been able to set up a business on her own with the loan from the group just to mention a few.
As part of the design, the social fund which is usually used for developing the community was used to purchase formica board for the school in the community.

The highest shares bought was 260 equivalent to GH408. 00 and the lowest was 60 equivalent To GH94. 20 with each share bought at GH1. 00.
The group will be starting the cycle on their next meeting and have decided to increase the share price to maximize profit and eradicate poverty.
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